Kentucky, April 1, 2012

Welcome to BonNovo, the Innovation Company!

Dear energy concerned reader,

We apologize for this preliminary layout of our website but what we have to tell you is so exciting that we cannot wait a single day longer.

For years, we have heard from those who claim to have scientific proof that we have to cut back our oil consumption and sacrifice not only our American way of life but the health and strength of the whole economy to avoid what they call the Global Warming.

Just in case you really believe in this tale, we have quite good news for you!

The solution for global warming and the predicted sea level rise: our revolutionary cross of Dinoflagellata Gonyaulax catenella and Caulerpa taxifolia algae! Our incredible new breed converts sunlight enzymatically directly to oil, completely natural, which then can be removed directly from the water surface - no complicated extraction and refinery process needed! - No drought can kill it, you can even grow it in the desert, anywhere - it is happy with seawater, and tell me, don't we have just enough of it? So what about the predicted sea level rise? Welcome!

And one more: Our extensive research near nuclear reactors found that our new miracle algae thrives even better in warm waters. So shall we fear Global Warming tales? No, we don't have to! The hotter it becomes the more oil our wonder plant can produce!

Even better: It produces strong biochemicals to protect itself from competitors and natural enemies, no pesticides necessary, literally just anywhere in the world!

This also means less competition for oil causing toxic price levels, a clear win-win situation for everybody with our new and renewable, natural oil supply!


As Julius Caesar, the great Roman emperor who ruled virtually the whole known world at the time, would have put it: Ista idem vis est! - THIS IS THE POWER!

To put it right: Though it might not look like it, but what we found is literally the tree of life that gives us its lifeblood to fill right into our tanks!

Join us for a great future with BonNovo!

Mefis Tofilidis, Chairman

Tsun Dai Fee, President and CEO

Our mission and what we believe in

Not in an evolution monkey business but creation by the God who is energy and said to his followers "take this, all of you, and use it, this is my lifeblood!" and who told us to go and bring freedom to all countries.

Not godless science but the power of intelligent design behind all technology to give us a life of plenty!

Freedom will win over talked-up coercion, and the right to protect it will defeat those sinister pickpockets with their hidden agenda to get your money!

A livable future in prosperity is possible - no permanent cutbacks and ficticious restrictions preached by the scientific industry with its vested interests but a flourishing economy led by those God has sent to shake off the chains of the disguised communist green-horns.

Drop their made-up horror tales but focus on the real risks to the free world. Now, we are looking for partners and supporters to develop our new miracle plant and the business model to market maturlity and working on setting up a coalition of the willing to provide a truly eternal and natural lifeblood for our ecenomy and to be prepared for necessary preemptive strikes against our enemies who try to strangle it - together we can.

Join us for a great future with BonNovo!

Mefis Tofilidis, Chairman

Tsun Dai Fee, President and CEO


Board members

Dr. H. Faust

Deng Zoueng

Liang Zhue Wee

Varek Zdolle


Inquiries please send to: info(at) 



"Wie's doch der Mensch in seinem Streben so herrlich weit gebracht!" (How incredibly far man has got in his endeavor!)  G. Wagner, the first witness of the groundbreaking discovery


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