Dear sustainability concerned visitor,

Using the auspicious occasion of International Labour Day, I'd like to share some ideas about labour, work, value creation and the like. Alas, as the plug for the essay is an infamous German quotation, I wrote my thoughts also in German first. In case you are really interested, maybe google can help you, or you tell me at info(at) that I should hurry up with my translation.

The previous essay on what the underlying problems in the change against climate change are you can find here, and the glorious idea to solve all energy problems of the world please read here!

Hope you enjoy a relaxed Labour Day and that you got some input eventhough you may most probably not fully agree with my ideas.

If you like my ideas or have any other reason to contact me, I am happy to hear from you at info(at) (Sorry, I abbreviate the address to protect the page from spammers.)

Best wishes for a bright future in the greenhouse with BonNovo,

Wolfgang Novacek